About Us

Hi Everyone!

My name is Stephanie Swanson and I have been involved in the jewelry industry since 1992.  I am a fine jeweler but an artist at heart, and I love to make wearable pieces of art for my customers to enjoy and treasure!  I live in Chesterton Indiana at the dunes on Lake Michigan.  It is a beautiful area just outside of Chicago and a lovely place to live and raise our family.  I have two boys, one of which is in college and the other is my son that inspired my family jewelry line, EveryChild.  Please read more about us at www.everychildjewelry.com and see our video on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcPAxtqQMww




I can help you with all of your diamond and gemstone needs!  Since I am a craftsman and work in the trade, I am friends with all sorts of diamond and gem brokers and jewelry vendors!  There is no middle man or rep to pay with me, so then I get to pass the savings on to you.  Once you choose your stones, I can design you exactly what you want and stay within your budget.  I usually can beat any price for a comparable item and my customers would tell you it's usually by a lot!  Please get in touch with me at steph@everychildjewelry.com or call me at (219) 928-3902 with any questions you may have.  It's so much fun to custom design your own jewelry!

I love to restyle my customer's heirloom diamonds and gems and can scrap out the old gold for credit on your order.  Here are a few examples of restyled pieces from customer's stones and stones I provided:



I can make any design, so please contact me and let's come up with a one-of-a-kind treasure for you!

Being by Lake Michigan, I was inspired to create a beach glass line that is fun and affordable using genuine beach glass (from the great lakes and around the world) and sterling silver.  These pieces are always unique and conversation starters!  I can even set your own beach glass, all you have to do is send a photo by email or actually mail the pieces to me that you are interested in having jewelry made from and I will get back to you on what designs would work well for your pieces and how much it would cost.  This line can be made in gold as well but I find the sterling silver is the most popular.  Feel free to contact me and let's get started!


Another fun line I have created is cast from sticks from my backyard!  These are not plated sticks but actual solid metal sticks that I have created using a technique called lost wax casting.  Instead of burning out wax in this process I burn out other organic matter, in this case sticks, and use them to create unusual and fascinating pieces of wearable art!  Of course each piece is one-of-a-kind and I have made these designs in sterling, gold and platinum.  People love them and I love making them!  I've even made wedding rings!

Here are a few examples:


I can also get you most any kind of fine jewelry by special order as I am a fine jeweler and have wholesale access to manufacturers, diamond brokers, etc.  My prices are incredibly reasonable so let me give you an estimate on what I can do before you buy it somewhere else. 



Also I have written a new book called "Playing with Fire- A Jeweler's Guide to Metalsmithing" and its is an awesome way for you to learn how to make jewelry yourself! I will be selling tools and supplies too.

I can make jewelry with almost anything so please contact me with inquires.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Love, Steph