Let's get you metalsmithing!

Thank you for checking out my book "Playing with Fire- A Jeweler's Guide to Metalsmithing"!   I hope you are ready to get started in the exciting world of metal arts!  I am a 22 year jewelry industry veteran and I am going to teach you the tricks and tools you need to become a metalsmith yourself.  This book is the first in a series that will include Enameling, Wax Carving, Casting, Chain Making, Metal Bead Construction, Fabrication, etc.  I will also be selling professional tools and supplies for jewelry making.  I am still working on the site so be patient with me :) If you do not see what you need, just let me know and I'll get it for you!  I will also be starting to do on site demos for groups so email me with any requests.  I can't wait to help you get started in your jewelry hobby or career!  Thanks so much and happy soldering!